Game Day Procedures

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rules

  1. Team Composition

    1. All Teams will compete with a team of 5 players.

    2. How a team decides who those 5 are is determined by the team.

    3. All players must be registered and reported to the opposing Advisor by 9am the morning of the match.

    4. It is highly recommended that a team connect using a LAN adapter to reduce lag.

  2. Match Scheduling

    1. All matches will happen at 4pm on Tuesdays for Varsity and Thursday for Junior Varsity.

    2. If there needs to be an adjustment due to a planned (i.e. holiday break) or unplanned (i.e. snow day) school closing, please have the Advisors talk before 4pm that day.

    3. Home team is responsible for reaching out to away team on match day and setting up the lobby

      1. Stage striking is easiest through Discord DM’s rather than email.

  3. Match Reschedules

    1. In the event a match lands on a planned school closing, Advisors are asked to make arrangements before the scheduled match (preferably the week before the scheduled match).

    2. If a scheduled match must be adjusted due to an unplanned (i.e. snow day) school closing, Advisors must contact the opposing school advisor as soon as possible to reschedule the match. Advisors must report the new match time to game manager, Mr. Itson ( The newly rescheduled match time will act as the new official time with the same rules as the originally scheduled match for reschedules and forfeits.

  4. Set and Match Length

    1. All sets will be best of 3 games.

    2. All matches will be best of 5 sets.

    3. All 5 sets will be played for each match.

  5. Set Procedure

    1. Use Stage Selection Procedures to determine the first stage.

    2. Players select their characters but do not need to announce them before the first game.

    3. The players play the first game of the set.

    4. The winning player of the preceding game will announce their character selection for the next game.

    5. Use Stage Selection Procedures to determine the next stage.

    6. The losing player of the preceding game must announce their character selection for the next game.

    7. The next game is played.

    8. If the set is tied 1-1, repeat steps d-g above.

  6. Stage Selection Procedures

    1. First Game of Set

      1. Only starter stages are allowed.

      2. The team with honors will strike first.

        1. For the first set of the match, the team listed first on the schedule (“Home Team”) will have honors.

        2. For subsequent sets, the team that won the previous set will have honors.

      3. The player of the set from the team with honors strikes one stage from the starter stages.

      4. The opposing player strikes two stages from the starter stages

      5. The player with honors chooses which stage to play on from the remaining two starter stages.

    2. Subsequent Games of Set

      1. Starter and counterpick stages are allowed.

      2. The winning player of the preceding game has honors and strikes two stages.

      3. The losing player of the preceding games chooses the stage to play from the remaining seven stages.

    3. Legal Stages

      1. Starter Stages

        1. Battlefield

        2. Final Destination

        3. Pokemon Stadium 2

        4. Town & City

        5. Smashville

      2. Counterpick Stages

        1. Yoshi’s Story

        2. Small Battlefield

        3. Kalos

        4. Lylat Cruise

    4. Additional Stage Rules

      1. If Final Destination is the selected stage, any player may request the Omega(Ω) variant of Battlefield to be used instead (which is functionally the same stage).

      2. A player may not select any stage they won on previously during the set.

      3. Stage strikes reset after each set.

  7. Game Settings

    1. Stock and time set to 3 stock and 7 minutes

    2. Handicap: Off

    3. Damage Ratio: 1.0x

    4. Items: Off and None

    5. Pause: Off

    6. Hazard Toggle: Off

    7. Final Smash Meter: Off

    8. Mii: All moveset combinations are legal

    9. Team Attack: On