1. Game Mode. The default game mode is “Draft - Conquest” (i.e., two Teams will compete against each other until one Team destroys the opponent Team’s Titan or is otherwise disqualified).

  2. Turn Preference, Picks and Bans

    1. Home team will have the right to select whether to select its Gods first or second

    2. Pick and Bans will be in the following order

      1. Bans A-B-A-B-A-B

      2. Picks A-B-B-A-A-B

      3. Bans B-A-B-A

      4. Picks B-A-A-B

    3. All picks and bans must be executed through the automated process with the Game client and any use of chat or other alternative methods to conduct picks and bans is PROHIBITED

    4. If a team fails to ban one or more Gods during the allotted banning time, then that team forfeits its right to those bans.

    5. If a player fails to pick a God during the allotted picking time, the lobby will be remade and all Gods must be banned and picked in the same order

    6. If a new God is released, it is banned for the season.

  3. Pauses

    1. There is a pause system built into the Game which, when activated, will freeze time for all players in a particular game. The pause system may be used for the following reasons:

      1. A player disconnects

      2. Player is experiencing technical malfunctions related to hardware or software

    2. Each team may pause a game up to a maximum of one time on the team’s own behalf. Each pause’s duration shall be restricted to a maximum of 3 minutes

      1. If the pause must extend beyond the allotted time, the coaches and teams must agree to allow it.

  4. Setting up the lobby

    1. The Home team should setup the lobby

    2. Use “Draft-Conquest”

    3. Password must be exchanged via email or Discord to the opposing team coach and captain

    4. Party size must be set to 5 versus 5

    5. “Allow Spectators” feature must be set to ‘On’

  5. Win Conditions

    1. Your team has destroyed the enemy Titan or your team has amassed a 20,000 Gold Lead.

  6. Standings

    1. Play-off standing tie-breakers are determined by time duration

    2. Forfeit matches don’t count towards tie breakers