Here are some FAQ's about why we started clubs and/or how you can do the same.

1. What is Esports?

Very much like a traditional sport, esports is a competitive level to video games. Those that participate will do everything that a traditional athlete does, like work on team communication, leadership, time management, etc

2. What kind of students does this attract?

We are attracting all types of students and it is very often that these are the students who are not involved in any other club/organization with their high school. A few schools in this conference have 100+ students on their weekly emailing list!

3. What positives are there to these kids playing more videos games?

They are doing way more than playing video games. They are developing skills like leadership, team work, communication, time management, follow-through, critical thinking, networking, social awareness, and community involvement!

4. Is there travel required?

This is the beauty of online games, there is no travel required! We setup our matches online and compete from the comfort of our classroom. We do require students to compete at school under the supervision of the adviser/coach. There is now some travel at the end of the semester to compete in a physical state championship.

There are tournaments that are springing up all over the Midwest, hosted by colleges and other venues, but these are not sponsored by the WIHSEA and are optional for you to attend. We share all opportunities that are share with us though to keep you aware of options available!

5. How many students are needed to start a club?

That is a great question for your administration, but for the WIHSEA, it really depends on the game you are playing. The team games usually have a minimum, but there are going to be some solo and duo games available. So it really depends on where you and your students interest lie.

6. Is it true that colleges are offering scholarships for this?

Yes! We have had two students so far receive college scholarships in the state of Wisconsin! There are over 80 colleges around the country that offer scholarships for gaming, but there are many other opportunities than just with playing the game. There is shoutcasting, broadcasting, journalism, social media marketing, and many more careers around esports!

7. How do you pick which games to offer?

We try to keep an eye on what is popular in the professional and collegiate scene to see how much popularity and growth a game is having. Right now the four titles that we offer are because they have been around for awhile and continue to show growth and support.

We do not offer any games that are M rated or feature too much "realistic" violence because we understand that school boards and communities may not want their students to participate in these style games. There are national leagues that offer such games, but at this time we do not offer them.

8. What do the games cost?

Overwatch = $20 /license

Rocket League =Free

Smash Ultimate = $60 for game and $250 for Switch