Game Day Procedures

  • All Emotes and Masteries are banned.

  1. Regular Season

22.1.1. The “Home” team as indicated on the schedule will make the lobby for the match. The “Home” team gets a choice of side.

22.1.2. Matches will be Best of 1

22.1.3. 20 Champions are necessary for Varsity matches Any champion that is released or reworked during a season is banned for the whole season Tournament Draft 10 Picks 10 Bans Blind pick matches are not allowed in Varsity matches.

22.1.4. Junior Varsity matches can be blind pick matches if players do not have 20 champions. Prior to the match beginning the coach/advisors must be made aware that a blind pick setup is required.

22.1.5. Any disconnect that results in recreation of an uncompleted match will proceed with the same pick orders, champion picks, champion bans, and summoner spells. Any deviation must be mutually agreed to. Screenshots are encouraged and required for any substantive review. A team that is shown to not follow these rules will be penalized with a loss for the match, subject to review and enforcement by the WIHSEA.

22.1.6. Only students that are listed on the official roster may participate in that match.

22.1.7. If a student who isn’t listed on the roster participates, that school will forfeit the match. A screenshot must be submitted to the WIHSEA Board of Directors.

22.1.8. After the match has concluded, the winning team is required to report the match results on the appropriate form located on the website. Match results must include time duration. Play-off standing tie-breakers are determined by time duration Forfeit matches don’t count towards tie breakers

22.1.9. New champions or major reworked champions released during the season will be banned for the remainder of the season. The WIHSEA reserves the right to determine which reworked champions are considered “major” reworks.

22.2. Playoffs

22.2.1. Matches will be Best of 1

22.2.3. Higher seed will make the first lobby. The team creating the lobby gets a choice of side.

22.3. Championship and Semi-Finals

22.3.1. Match will be Best of 3

22.3.2. Higher seed will make the lobby Winner of each match creates the lobby. The team creating the lobby gets a choice of side.

22.4. In Game Rules

22.4.1. Players will not exploit bugs or glitches within the game. Teams that exploit bugs or glitches within the game will result in a forfeit. Bugs or Glitches such as the first wave minion bug allowing players to push back minions to push up the enemy player past the river for an easy lvl 1 gank. If a Player is disconnected the game should be paused immediately. Players need agree in chat that both teams are ready for the game to resume