Tournament Format Details

  • 2 Weeks, games on Tuesdays AND Thursdays

  • Teams need at least 5 to play

  • Rankings will be based on overall wins as well as round wins

  • Each Game is best of 25, first team to win 13 rounds wins.

Tournament Dates:

  • Game 1: May 17th

    • Map Type: Split

  • Game 2: May 19th

    • Map Type: Fracture

  • Game 3: May 24th

    • Map Type: Bind

  • Game 4: May 26th

    • Map Type: Icebox

General Game-Play

  • Remember you are representing your school, so be appropriate within game chat.

    • Especially when your game might be streamed online

  • You must play on your account and cannot play for another student on their account

  • Home coach should reach out to competing team each week to set up the match


  • Please arrive 30 minutes before scheduled match time

  • Make sure all students are logged on.

  • Make sure all equipment is functioning

  • If time permits, load into a game vs. AI to ensure connection is working

  • Varsity matches NEED to be started by 3:45-4:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays as scheduled

    • If a school cannot make it on time, Coaches must contact the other Coach with 24 hours notice, out of courtesy for schools that may be released early.

Game Setup

  • The Home team will create the lobby:

    • Lobby: Custom (closed)

    • Mode: Standard

    • Allow Cheats: Off

    • Tournament Mode: On

    • Overtime Win by Two: Off

  • All mature content must be Disabled

  • Any agents, weapons, sprays, weapon skins, weapon buddies, and maps currently disabled in other game modes are prohibited from use in official matches

  • Home team will choose attack or defense first.

  • If the incorrect rule set is loaded, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played rounds will not count toward the match outcome.

  • Map Selection is based on the match number:

    • Game 1: Split

    • Game 2: Fracture

    • Game 3: Bind

    • Game 4: Icebox

  • Teams can opt to play “Man Down” if they are unable to field a team within a given week. Once a match starts “Man Down” teams cannot add another player mid match

  • Once spectator is allowed per team, but must be under the Attackers Coach or Defenders Coach slot. If you are *streaming* the match, you may spectate from the Observers slot, with the permission from the opposing team. A two minute delay is required when streaming Valorant.


  • Matches are played as a single match during the regular season

  • If a player is disconnected, the game shall be put on pause until they can rejoin.

  • Games must play until completion.

  • Coaches can be present during the match providing insight to gameplay.


  • Winning team needs to complete the proper match reporting form.

    • Winning teams will report the game number, the winning team, losing team, and total rounds won by each team.

    • If there is an issue with the reporting, please contact the game advisor for corrections.

Rescheduling Games

If in the event some unforeseen circumstance arises to which an adviser or team cannot make scheduled time, adviser needs to contact the other adviser to inform them of the need to reschedule. If you cannot play the day of, it will have to be a forfeit. As this is a pilot season, rescheduled matches need to be completed before the next game day, or both teams will receive a loss.

Substitute Players

In the event that a normal starter cannot participate that week, the coach must add the student who is competing to the official roster page the day before the scheduled match is to take place. This gives the opposing team time to scout and strategize how they approach the other team.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Schools, teams, and members are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in individual player suspensions, team forfeiture of matches, or school suspension from the conference, subject to review and enforcement by The Association. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Flaming in the chat, remember you’re representing your school, act like it.

    • Any Racist remarks

    • Disrespecting any family member of the opponent

    • Disrespecting someone’s intellectual ability

  • Intentionally feeding or throwing and giving up.

  • Going AFK mid game because a player isn’t performing well

  • Any IGN that is inappropriate must be changed before being allowed to compete on behalf of the WIHSEA