Game Day Procedures

  1. Series Lengths

    1. Regular season matches will be a single match

  2. Game Settings

    1. Home team is responsible for setting up the lobby

    2. Home team gets to determine Attack/Defend first

    3. Lobby Settings:

      1. Lobby: Custom

      2. Mode: Standard

      3. Allow Cheats: Off

      4. Tournament Mode: On

      5. Overtime win by two: Off

      6. Mature Content: Disabled

        1. This must be done to be compliant with Riot Guidelines!

      7. If the incorrect settings are loaded, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played rounds will not be counted towards the outcome of the match.

    4. Map Selection:

      1. Week 1: Split

      2. Week 2: Fracture

      3. Week 3: Bind

      4. Week 4: Icebox

      5. Week 5: Breeze

      6. Week 6: Ascent

      7. Week 7: Haven

      8. Week 8: Pearl

    5. Standings

      1. Will be calculated by TOTAL ROUNDS WON instead of pure win/loss ratio

    6. Tiebreaker

      1. Rounds won

      2. Overall record (win/loss)

      3. Head to Head Record

    7. Playoffs

      1. Higher seed is responsible for making the game lobby.

      2. Lower seeds gets to ban 2 maps

      3. High seed gets to pick the map from the remaining pool

    8. Championship and Semi-Finals

      1. Best of 3 series

      2. Map Selection

        1. Higher seed and Lower Seed get to each ban a Map

        2. Higher seed picks Map 1

        3. Higher and Lower Seed get to each ban a Map

        4. Lower seed picks Map 2

        5. Remaining map is used for Game 3

    9. Restrictions and Spectating

      1. New Agents

        1. Any agent released during the season will be banned for the remainder of the season, including post season

      2. Spectating

        1. Coaches may utilize the spectator slot on their team

      3. Streaming

        1. Using the spectator slot to stream a game to YouTube or Twitch is allowed

        2. There must be a 2 minute spectator delay

      4. Pauses

        1. Tactical pauses are not allowed

        2. The game may be paused for the following reasons:

          1. Player drop

          2. Player disconnects

          3. Technical issues

        3. Stoppage must be requested in all chat

        4. A pause may not take place during combat or after spike has been played

        5. Players may not move while in pause

        6. Both teams must declare ready in chat before it is allowed to be unpaused

        7. Teams are limited to a 5 minute pause per map