Varsity Schedule

Week 1: November 3rd

Week 2: November 10th

Week 3: November 17th

Week 4: November 24th

Week 5: December 1st

Week 6: December 8th

Week 7: December 15th

Week 8: January 5th

Make-up Games: Mondays and Fridays

State Championship: January 23rd

JV Schedule

Week 1: November 5th

Week 2: November 12th

Week 3: November 19th

Week 4: November 25th**

Week 5: December 3rd

Week 6: December 10th

Week 7: December 17th

Week 8: January 7th

Make-up Games: Mondays and Fridays

**Thanksgiving Break, so it's moved to Wednesday**

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3