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Coaching Clinic - Day 1

Coaching Clinic - Day 2

Coaching Clinic - Day 3

How to Stream Your Matches

Unsportsmanlike Like Conduct in League of Legends

How to use Discord

Setting up Overwatch Lobby

Setting up Nintendo Switch

Setting up Smash Lobby

Setting up a League of Legends match

How can you align to curriculum?

  • Students can learn to produce their very own streams.

  • Students can design graphics, logos, tshirts, websites, and social media pages.

  • Students can develop marketing campaigns for their teams.

  • Students can organize and run their own in-house tournaments or fundraisers.

  • Students can write articles about their schools weekly performances.

  • Students can do play by play commentary while on a live broadcast.

  • Students can develop exercise routines for competitors to follow.

  • Students can collect and analyze match statistics.

  • Students can develop nutritional and healthy liftestyles guides for gamers.

  • Students can learn how to build their own gaming or streaming machine.

  • Students can learn IT networking and system designs.

  • Students can design their own gaming arena or space management.

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